Bringing up a PDP-8e

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Sun Nov 27 15:44:15 CST 2016

On 27/11/2016 19:46, W2HX wrote:
> Hi folks,
> This is my first vintage computing project. I have a PDP-8/e with the following boards in this order.
> M8330      KK8E CPU Timing board (system clock), replaces M833
> M8300 \    KK8E CPU Major registers
> M8310 /    KK8E CPU Major register control
> M837       MC8E Extended Memory and Time Share Control
> M849       SHIELD
> CORE1 \
> CORE1 /
> CORE2 \
> CORE2 /
> M8320      KK8E Bus loads
> Each core pair is 16KW. There are a bunch of other non-DEC boards (ECRM) that I have removed for the time being.  You will notice that I have no serial board (yet. I have a line on one).
> I have cleaned up the machine, removed and clean out the foam, cleaned the card sockets and card edges, tested the power supply. I am ready for the next step.
> Next, I will put the boards back in and start testing. I am looking for some very simple programs that I can key in from the front panel to do some basic testing. I have found simple programs on the internet but they are all in assembler and I don't yet have the knowledge/tools to convert them to switch-enterable programs. For example, here are some good test programs but not directly enterable on the front panel (or at least I don't know how).
> Can someone direct me to some simple sequence of switch settings to do some basic testing?
> Many thanks in advance
> Eugene W2HX
> PS. Here is more on the machine as received:
> Also as you will find on the internet, the ECRM boards are from a company that produced electronic character recognition systems.

     Go to Bitsavers. Download the PDP-8/e full manual.
All of the toggle in tests are there.

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