Data General CS 200n (Ebay warning)

jim stephens jwsmail at
Fri Nov 25 15:04:17 CST 2016

This system has several tape drives, and possibly some Eclipse era 
processor.  If someone knows what this is they may want to rescue it.
There are three what appear to be 6' racks with various tape devices, 
and a desk high cabinet.  There are two 3 or so switch front panels,
one on one of the 6' racks, and one on the low boy rack, may be a simple 
reset run power type panel for each.

Lincoln Nebraska

4822.33 bucks


No interest, just reporting.  May want to ask the vendor if there is 
more to this, and whether a possible system was scrapped.  If so
explain to them that they have scrap iron, and should have sold the 
system cabinets for real money.


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