A good shipping service for large computers?

devin davison lyokoboy0 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 13:59:15 CST 2016

I have purchased 3 large SGi crimson computers and need them shipped from
california to florida. I am uncertain of a good service to use for the
task, i need the machines to be packaged up / put on a pallet at the pickup
location, the owner is unable to do so. Usualy I would use YRC freight,
however they do not offer the service to package the machines on site.

Hopefully someone here can make a suggestion. Ive never dealt with shipping
something this large before. I did have a Microvax 3800 shipped with YRC
freight, however that was purchased through a business and was packaged
before shipping. The crimsons will be a bit larger.

I have the machines paid for, but figuring out the shipping has had me a
bit stumped for the past few days.


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