Reverse-engineering WD1000, WD1001 hard disk controllers

dwight dkelvey at
Thu Nov 24 09:34:18 CST 2016

I have a loose WD1000 someplace that I was going to use as for spare parts, for the trs80 board I'm using. If I can find it, I can dump the ROMs. Do I need to make adapters for them?

When I first got the TRS80 one, it had a bad WDxxxx chip ( forget which one) but I found one a Anchor Elect. I later bought the WD1000 board as insurance.


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On 23.11.2016 19:30, Al Kossow wrote:
> On 11/23/16 3:46 AM, jos wrote:
>> I added a pic of a wd1001-85 and prom contents on
> what system was this from ?
No idea...

Bought from a fellow collector as a a loose PCB.

It was set up for SA1000 disks, not MFM.


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