Happy turkey day to the list

Sam O'nella barythrin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 19:38:42 CST 2016

Should we do some sort of tradition of what vintage computing item we're thankful for? If  that's too much of a repeat it could be a vintage project this year that you're thankful for.
I know we're all thankful for Jay and classiccmp.org.
I'm thankful for my recent successful visit to San Jose.  I was fortunate enough to get to experience both Weird Stuff (first time) and the CHM (2nd time but previous was VCF 10). Was great to hear some other visitors at the museum bringing up memories and some chatter about teaching kids about old tech. One visitor was talking about how he had a class do a sort of human logic array so they'd hold hands if it was true or false (like the battery, thread spindle/paperclip, light bulb intro form building your own computer books).
Picked up some Byte magazines from Weird Stuff as a souvenir and of course bought some shirts and a donation to support the museum. On the 8.5 hour drive back to wgere i was supposed to be I listened to some old RCR podcasts I think it was David Greelish, Bill Degnan, Earl Evans and Jason Scott) lol. Probably one of the first couple episodes. Good time and you all kept me awake on a dark Pacific Highway 1. So thankful for you all too.
- John

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