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> the Ultimate system was the only Non IBM written supervisor / system
> that ran on mainframes at the time.

You're going to have to be more specific than that.  At what time?  On
what mainframe(s)?  Are you saying that by the time Ultimate, whatever
that is when it's at home, was running, no other non-IBM OSes were
running on IBM hardware, all others being dead?  Or that Ultimate was
earlier than, say, MTS on IBM hardware?  And are you claiming that no
other manufacturers' systems are mainframes?  What are you saying?


At the time the only OS's were VM and MVS on IBM hardware as far as IBM was
concerned for maintenance purposes.  If you had MTS or anything else they
would run diagnostics for you at most on a contract, then hit the door.

If Ultimate had a problem with running, there was a support path for that
OS and it was not an IBM OS.  The hardware calls related to problems with
the OS not working would not be billed T&M by IBM like they would be for
any other service calls.

If an IBM CE came on site and saw Ultimate it would come up on his little
radio gizmo and not be totally unsupported.

Ultimate's OS from about 81 thru maybe 88 when Ultimate collapsed and support
was taken over by the Florida guys who bought the software rights eventually
was the only OS like that.

You could boot and run anything you wanted to, but if you had a problem and
an IBM service contract, you would get billed T&M for the call unless their
diagnostics showed something.  With Ultimate, they would run whatever we directed
them to if it got to that, and the support call would be in scope of the contract.



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