for sale/trade: big list of both old and (relatively) new, deadline: end of November (ideally)

MG mgariboldi at
Wed Nov 23 08:11:58 CST 2016

What I should probably point out...

On 21-NOV-2016 at 13:24 I wrote:
> The following is for sale, or trade possibly.  (I've tried to send this
> earlier, but it didn't appear in the list, so this is my second try to
> post this...)
> Most of the listed items I've used together with SGI IRIX and
> HP/Compaq/DEC OpenVMS and Digital/Tru64 UNIX systems and served me very
> well.
> I need to sell this by the end of the month (Nov-2016), else I'll have
                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> to potentially scrap a considerable bunch of it.

The highest priority of things that have to go, as they take a lot of 
space here:

>     -    APC Smart-UPS 3000 XLM (heavy-duty, 3000VA capacity) UPS
> back-up battery aggregate power system, plus special APC RJ-45 USB cable
> (the whole unit is perhaps hard to ship, but not impossible I guess),
> this UPS can sustain e.g. several 2U and even some 4U HP Integrity
> servers for up to 30~40 minutes (depending on the loads, of course);
> [...]
>     -    various HP, AXUS and Ciprico brand Ultra320 SCSI/S-ATA-bridged
> & 2-Gbit or 4-Gbit FC external enclosures, for HDDs (optionally
> including large capacity HDDs, also hardware RAID functionality
> depending per enclosure), 5¼" devices and more (these can be tricky to
> ship, but not impossible), to summarize some of it:
>         -- AXUS Demon SA-16U4P Ultra320 SCSI<=>S-ATA RAID storage
> enclosure, including 16 * 1-Tbyte S-ATA HDDs and spares --> advantages:
> relative low power consumption and triple-redundant power
>         -- Ciprico/Huge Systems MediaVault 4-Gbit FC/FC-AL RAID disk
> array, including transceivers, 10 * 250-Gbyte P-ATA HDDs plus one or
> more spare HDDs    --> advantages: low power consumption and rather silent
>         -- HP StorageWorks M5313A FC/FC-AL 2-Gbit (JBOD) disk array,
> including transceivers and 14 * 146.8-Gbyte FC HDDs and one or two spare
> HDDs, too    --> note: perhaps not useful for OpenVMS users as-is, as
> JBOD and FC-AL are a no-go, but it can be used in a larger SAN setup;
> [...]
>     -    HP StorageWorks 3U external 5¼" SCSI expansion enclosure, room
> for 4 (68-pin) SCSI devices (including optical drives, tape drives and
> including full-height models);
> [...]
>     -    SGI parts, like an SGI Tezro dual-processor 700-MHz R16000
> system board [...];
> [...]
>     -    various optical/tape drives and media (e.g. DVD-RAM, various
> data & cleaning tapes, of which many brand new), DDS/DAT of many types
> (e.g. DDS-2/DAT12, DDS-3/DAT24, DDS-4/DAT40 and DDS-5/DAT72) Ultrium
> (mostly LTO-1 and LTO-3), mostly of brands like HP (notably), Quantum
> and Sony... [...]
>         -- Quantum Ultrium LTO-1 SCSI full-height tape drive
> [...]
> All the items are located in the Netherlands.  I'll provide more
> information and pictures on demand.

People in Europe, nearby to the Netherlands, are welcome to come by, I 
could possibly split shipping costs, too.

I also don't need a fortune for some of these things.  A fair price will 
help to motivate me, needless to say (I paid everything I own out of my 
own pocket, very little was ever given to me for free... and none of the 
above was.)

Thanks for your possible interest.

  - MG

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