Free IBM system/1(?) in eastern US.

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>> > >The IBM Series/1 was introduced in 1976 and withdrawn in 1988.  There
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>> > >originally 2 models and another 2 models were added later...
Ultimate's Pick implementation for the IBM mainframe had a channel 
attached Series One with serial channels available for communications to 
IBM 3151 ASCII terminals.  if you ran the usual pile that IBM had, there 
was a program that ran in the Series one that put up a screen similar to 
a 3270 on each 3151 terminal, and acted much like a 3270 terminal, but 
with Ascii terminals and using cursor control and the like to do the 

A standalone controller, the 7171 also did that as well.

On the 9121 mainframes there was a 68000 equipped board and subsystem 
called the Hyfas that did the same directly from boards in the 9121 chassis.

IBM disclosed Ultimate on a method to bypass the 3270 software and do 
direct I/O for byte I/O to use the terminals on all three of these 
subsystems like direct attached Ascii terminals.

Also there was a Pick Series one implementation by Pick Blue in Seattle.

I also know that some number of Sears Roebuck stores had Series One 
systems for their POS control in each store up to the end of life of 
pretty much a real Sears chain, and the product.  There was a large 
flood of systems at the time that the IBM POS systems were converted to 
some other backend system (I didn't track what the replacement 
configuration was).

I've not set foot in a Sears store in 30 years due to them screwing me 
in 1976, so don't know much about any of their gear since, but I am 
pretty sure on the Series One from some people who acquired systems at 
that time, in the early 90s.

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