Some scrapper in NC has an old machine Labled TRIAD he is scrapping

Al Kossow aek at
Sun Nov 20 09:05:00 CST 2016

On 11/19/16 11:14 PM, jim stephens wrote:

> The disk drives look a lot like Priam SMD drives.  Two to a tray, 8" form factor.  About 150 or 300mb IIRC.  They had a
> very nice open frame 60mb and 90mb drive which i have a specimen of somewhere as well that proceeded the 8" product.  I
> don't think they survived to make any later products.

Their 8" drives were available with a couple of different interfaces
Some companies building Multibus and Qbus systems sold them. The
Multibus systems generally used Ciprico Rimfire controllers. They also
made a 80mb disk system for the Lisa called the DataTower.

Priam bought Vertex and survived into the 5" era
The priam 519 is equivalent to the Maxtor 2190

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