Rogue: Mctesq was here

Richard Loken rlloken at
Sat Nov 19 00:05:06 CST 2016

So I am 35 days from retirement and I have been cleaning up the office
and my Redhat Linux workstation and in /usr/local/src I found:


So I exploded the tar ball and compiled it and it crashed so I carted it
over to one of our Tru64 Unix Alpha boxes, took the 'g' off "gcc" in the
makefile, used sed to change ncurses to curses where ever it could be
found and compiled it.  AND IT WORKS SWELL!

Rogue is as addictive today as it was in 1982 on the VAX-11/780 running
4.2bsd.  I think I will port it to OpenVMS and run it on my AS4100.

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