DNIX and ABCenix install media disk images.

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 12:52:10 CST 2016

A guy in Sweden made the effort to image the install media for DNIX 5.3 and
5.12 as well as ABCenix 5.12.


These are for computers made by DIAB (later part of Bull) DS90 and Luxor
ABC1600 (branded Luxor but developed by DIAB).


They all were 68k based. The early DS90 had 68010 + 68451 MMU. The ABC1600
had 68008 and some homebuilt MMU. The ABC1600 is quite a nice machine with
768x1024 b/w portrait screen that can be twisted into landscape. It has a
simple windowing system. Actually half of the hardware that make up the
system is the graphics board. Unfortunately the 68008 makes it quite weak.

I hope that the imaged disk can end up in a safer place than my dropbox,
for example Bitsavers...

Thanks Jonas Malm for doing the disk images (I am just the messanger)!


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