eBay: 1982 Prime Computer

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Wed Nov 16 14:36:46 CST 2016

Could  be a number of things. Usually the seller has setup the wrong email address in eBay. I.e. they put in an email address for their PayPal account that does not match the actual PP account. If he is real a quick call to eBay will get it fixed. 

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So I took a chance.....

Seller hasn't responded to any of the previous emails, nor have they acknowledged the purchase in any way.

Something I have never seen before in all my ebay transactions... when I go  into ebay instead of a greyed out $ symbol (unpaid) or black $ symbol (paid)... it has an hourglass. Hovering the mouse said "your payment is being processed". Kinda odd since the payment was from paypal funds already on account. So I logged into paypal....

Paypal says "eBay - fishslayer40 at XXXXXXXX (redacted) hasn't accepted yet." Google shows no trace of that email address and while not a red flag, usually something is in the search results for someone's email address.

I have never seen where paying someone on ebay via paypal required them to "accept the funds". They just "get them" I thought.

Crossing my fingers....


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