eBay: 1982 Prime Computer

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Wed Nov 16 14:30:11 CST 2016

So I took a chance.....

Seller hasn't responded to any of the previous emails, nor have they acknowledged the purchase in any way.

Something I have never seen before in all my ebay transactions... when I go  into ebay instead of a greyed out $ symbol (unpaid) or black $ symbol (paid)... it has an hourglass. Hovering the mouse said "your payment is being processed". Kinda odd since the payment was from paypal funds already on account. So I logged into paypal....

Paypal says "eBay - fishslayer40 at XXXXXXXX (redacted) hasn't accepted yet." Google shows no trace of that email address and while not a red flag, usually something is in the search results for someone's email address.

I have never seen where paying someone on ebay via paypal required them to "accept the funds". They just "get them" I thought.

Crossing my fingers....


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