1993 Mt. Xinu calendar

Alan Perry aperry at snowmoose.com
Tue Nov 15 18:47:56 CST 2016

On 11/14/16 9:37 PM, Jason T wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 12, 2016 at 4:16 PM, Alan Perry <aperry at snowmoose.com> wrote:
>> In a box of my old stuff, I found a copy of the Mt. Xinu calendar for 1993,
>> the last year that they did a calendar, and scanned it. Some of you may
>> fondly remember the Mt. Xinu calendars so I am hosting what I scanned so
> I don't get all the jokes but this is a nice piece of history from
> that period.  I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of cleaning up
> the scan a bit (trimmed, de-skewed, mainly) and posted it here:
> http://chiclassiccomp.org/docs/index.php?dir=%2Fcomputing/MtXinu
> Thanks for doing the scan!
> -j
Thanks for doing the cleanup and saving me from having to do it! I was 
figuring if someone needed a better scan I could get out our good 
scanner rather than use the all-in-one.

I did some searching to see if the calendars were already scanned and 
available, all I could find was a forum post from asking if they were 
scanned and available, but no response from a decade ago. So I figured 
it was worth scanning. I wish that I had more of them.

CHM has a 1991 calendar. Hey, Al, would you guys at CHM like a 1993 


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