NCD19 / Xncd19

Rico Pajarola rp at
Tue Nov 15 17:34:15 CST 2016

Found it!

I spent a few hours digging through my storage and against all odds I found
both the CD with a backup of everything I had collected from various
internet sites as well as the original NCD boot tape release 2.3.0.

While I'm searching for a working tape drive, here's the contents of the

At the very least it has some docs, all the fonts, and netboot images for
anything that was supported from NCDWare 3.2 to 5.1. Unfortunately, no new
manuals that are not already on bitsavers (except for the Explora 400

There's a file ncd_xp421c.tar.bz2 in there that should have the NCBridge
boot monitor required for the XP221. I don't have XPressWare.

On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 10:58 PM, Ken Seefried <seefriek at> wrote:

> From: Rico Pajarola <rp at>
> > Does no one have NCDWare 3.2.1 or earlier?
> Nostalgia...I really liked the NCD 19 I used many moons ago.
> Reasonably snappy at the time, nice mono screen, quiet.  Funny enough
> I recently resurrected an NCD Explora 701 (much later MIPS-based
> xterminal).  It's wildly faster than the 19 (with 10/100 enet instead
> of just 10), but it's interesting to see how far modern X
> implementation has diverged from NCDs time: 8-bit pseudo-color is a
> showstopper for a lot of things, various desktops (Gnome, KDE, etc.)
> break in strange ways if they run at all, lot's of contemporary code
> has issues on 64-bit systems (like my old xview/olvwm code).  TWM
> still works fine, as does the butt-ugly built in NCD Motif-ish window
> manager.  Haven't had much time to work on it, but I'd like to get
> something like i3 running.  I bet Mouse can add more color commentary.
> Reminds me...need to see if I can still get the Mouse terminal
> emulator to run.  Probably also need to get an SCO ODT or SVR4 VM
> running for that old school feel.
> I know I've got at least one 3.x release, but not sure which one or
> what's in it.  FWIW, I've also got some 4.x, a 5.0.x and 5.1.x;
> running 5.1.140 on the 700.  I'm in Dublin until next week so won't be
> able to check until then.  Ping me directly if you don't hear from me
> by, say, Thursday.
> P.S. - If anyone has an NCD 700-series or HMX (esp HMXpro24) they
> don't want, let me know.
> KJ

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