NCD Explora Pro (was Re: NCD19 / Xncd19)

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Tue Nov 15 14:49:13 CST 2016

> I have a Raspberry Pi 3 with a USB Ethernet dongle that itâ??s plugged into,$

You can use ARP for that only after it comes up far enough to get an
address and speak ARP.

If the Pi 3 is anything like the one I had the misfortune to deal with
at work a while back, it's running a Linux with a surprising number of
tools renamed, crippled, or just plain missing.  But if it's got
tcpdump, that's the tool I'd normally use for this: connect the NCD to
the Pi (or whatever other machine) with a crossed cable (or possibly
straight, if the machine's Ethernet is auto-X, or whatever else is
necessary, if it's not twisted-pair).  Then start tcpdump, as in

tcpdump -n -s 2000 -i wm0

(or whatever the actual interface name is intead of wm0).

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