more on lisp compilers

Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) stefan.skoglund at
Fri Nov 11 20:45:51 CST 2016

ons 2016-11-09 klockan 19:52 -0700 skrev Richard Loken: 
> So last week there was some conversation about lisp compilers and an
> expressed interest in old VAX lisp comilers.  Co-incidently, I was rooting
> through the morgue at work on semi legitimate business and found
> VAXlisp 2.2 copyright 1987.  Sadly, it is on a TK50 and is the Ultrix
> version.
> Since it sparked my interest, I went through the rest of the pile but
> no VMS lisp compiler was unearthed.  I found o-l-d VAX/VMS ADA, C, basic,
> pascal, fortran compilers but no lisp compilers and all on moldering
> TK50s lying in wait for any hapless tape drive that may accept them.

VAX/VMS A and C, i would definitely take them if i had something where
the tapes would be usable (and a bit of handholding while imaging them.)
I know about the tapes vitrolic behaviour. 

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