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> On 11/11/2016 8:53 AM, Al Kossow wrote:
>> On 11/11/16 7:42 AM, Paul Koning wrote:
>> No one is making new 80 column punched card stock either.
>>> No stock, or no cards?  I would think that one of the paper
>>> manufacturers would be putting out postcard stock of the right
>>> specifications.
>> This has been discussed for several years here. No one is making paper
>> stock to IBM card stock specifications.
> A friend I know in St. Louis had them made regularly at an client's
> operation.  The card stock for credit card pull forms is correct. They may
> still have the dies for their machines.  However I don't think the favors
> exist to get more made.
> Can check though.   The card stock comes in 12' diameter rolls, so it
> isn't a "pretty please" sort of favor to get the machines set up that
> handle the manufacturing process.  Think rolls of paper the size of
> newsprint, and weighing in at 3000# +
> They might also be able to do paper tape, though I'd favor if it is a
> scratch operation doing it from mylar, even though that is hard on punches.
> thanks
> Jim
> Using a paper folder to convert roll to fanfold has also been discussed.
>> Nothing has resulted from either discussion.
Somewhere I have a photo of the machine that IBM used to make punch cards.
It's in a small museum in Endicott, NY.  It did indeed take a roll of paper
made to IBM specs and produce the flat punch cards many of us know and some
subset of those, love.  It hadn't been run in years when I saw it.

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