Looking for terminals again

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Fri Nov 11 14:17:58 CST 2016

>> Anybody have extra DEC or IBM terminals in Toronto (Canada) ?
> Is Ottawa too far away?

While we're speaking of Ottawa and terminals...it's neither DEC nor
IBM, but I do have a Hazeltine in Ottawa I would like to get rid of,
but I do not like the idea of just chucking it.  Anyone interested?

I think it's a 1500, but it might be a 1420.  It's certainly got the
look of a 1500 in my memory.

I don't know whether it still works.  I'm pretty sure it worked last
time I tried it, but that was at least two moves ago.  It _looks_ in
good shape, but I trust we all know how little that means.

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