Paper tape carriers and paper tape

jim stephens jwsmail at
Thu Nov 10 13:36:59 CST 2016

I don't know if anyone here has the interest or capability to do it, but 
creating a replica of the blue tape trays with the clear overlay that 
one could sell for a few bucks with some random fanfold copies of DEC or 
other diagnostics would be nice.

Perhaps if there were a ready source of replicas with a perpetual 
listing or 10 to overwhelm the auctions with 100 and 300 dollar auctions 
for the genuine originals the originals would be listed and sold for a 
reasonable amount.

I'm sure there there are things going to people with no idea what they 
have which would have been nice to image and save.  I would think 
someone with vacuum molding and some skill with plastics could do the 
trays.  not sure about the source of tapes to sell with them, maybe that 
does justify some extra expense.

People with working readers and libraries of tapes might like them as well.

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