Epson MX-80 Technical Manual?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Nov 10 12:52:42 CST 2016

On 11/10/2016 10:13 AM, Tony Duell wrote:

> Some of the old Daisywheel printers, both Diablo and Qume had an
> interface with over 20 data lines. You specified print wheel
> position, amount to advance the carriage, etc on separate lines.

Yup--my first daisywheel was the original Hitype--the one with the
external (3 fan noisy) power supply.  It had the OEM interface and I
hooked that to an S100 card with 3 parallel ports.  It was pretty cool;
you could do logic-seeking, plotting, prop spacing and a host of other
tricks with it.  I think I still have the driver I wrote for it--and may
have the OEM manual as well buried somewhere.

Did I ever mention that I was well acquainted with the folks at
Diablo-before-Xerox?  Several wound up at Qume.

Sigh.  Daisywheels seem to be in the category of "unwanted junk".  I
still have a Qume and an Olivetti (sold with the M24) unit and have been
unable to give them away.  It seems that if a printer won't do graphics,
nobody wants it.  I did manage to give away a Diablo 630.


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