General TC11 DECtape diagnostic/formatter questions

Christian Corti cc at
Thu Nov 10 04:27:24 CST 2016

On Wed, 9 Nov 2016, Noel Chiappa wrote:
> Having just looked at the original :-), it did have two messages:
>  "ready drive 0 and type y"
> and
>  "tcf: error"

Seems the original must have been the XXDP TC11 DECtape formatter program 
by Robert J. Collins. I have no clue where I found the RT11 version of 
this, it must have been in 2005 after we got the TC11 and TU56 along with 
the 11/20 and other peripherals. The modified version was part of DECUS, 
it is listed in the August 1978 edition of the PDP11 DECUS catalog (page 
28, program no. 11-216), but apparently it isn't online (any more?).


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