Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at
Wed Nov 9 09:52:44 CST 2016


I was notified that my fork of R. Krebiehls code was already put into 
GitHub without notifying me, apparently in 2009.


"shattered" made a few changes too, to remove compiler warnings and 
improve commandline option check.

I merged the changes there back into my fork.


> Jörg Hoppe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> my version of the MACRO11 cross-assembler for PDP-11 is now on
>> .
>> Among others it fixes the  "JMP Rn is illegal" error on "jmp (rx)" opcode.
>> Also I added the option "listhex" to produce a binary listing in hex
>> notation instead of octal.
>> I found this really necessary when analyzing test programs with a modern
>> logic analyzer.
>> Joerg
> Thanks.
> Could you possible change all the occurences of stricmp() wich is a
> mikeysoft-only thing, to the more standard strcasecmp()?
> Regards,
> Holm

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