General TC11 DECtape diagnostic/formatter questions

Christian Corti cc at
Wed Nov 9 02:59:14 CST 2016

On Tue, 8 Nov 2016, Josh Dersch wrote:
> with the TC11 system," and I haven't managed to find it. I *have* found
> this:

... which is simply a mirror of our FTP server at

I enhanced DTF with some useful messages and error/status output. IIRC the 
"original" version produced no messages at all.

> (1) above, I'm not averse to thinking there may be more than meets the eye
> with this issue.
> So in a nutshell:  Anyone used a TC11 on a later PDP-11 (like the 11/44)?
> Anyone have any thoughts on the diagnostics and formatter issues?

I have a TC11 with TU56 on our 11/34. Did you check the WRTM/WALL 


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