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Jon Elson elson at
Tue Nov 8 20:21:35 CST 2016

On 11/08/2016 11:33 AM, Guy Sotomayor Jr wrote:
> Yea, that’s what I’m struggling with. The issue is that 
> the control units power the devices that are connected to 
> them (from what I can tell), so I have to power the entire 
> string as one unit. The same goes for the 3340’s - the 
> entire string is powered as a unit. The string of 3340’s 
> need ~5kVA (I don’t know how that translates to HP). I’m 
> still trying to figure out the requirements for the other 
> strings. TTFN - Guy 
Just a warning, you MUST NOT power electronics from a VFD!  
(In theory, you can do it with a VERY effective filter, but 
I've never heard of anybody having success with it.)  They 
produce high frequency square waves at 400 V, and will do 
great damage to electronic loads.  They work great for 
motors, although the HF square waves can cause noise issues 
in sensitive electronics like tape and disk drives.


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