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>>>>>> On Mon, Nov 07, 2016 at 11:23:58AM -0800, Chuck Guzis wrote:
>>>>>>> But if you're a suburban resident living on Mulberry Street,
>>>>>>> anything but single-phase is pretty much out of the question.
>>>>>> Oh, you can get it -- but be prepared for a large hassle.
>>>>>> A former neighbor had a 440V 3-phase Italian lathe in his backyard
>>>>>> shop, among other toys.  After he was laid off from his aerospace
>>>>>> job doing machining it was how he made his living.  He was a very
>>>>>> handy person to know :-)
>>>>>> mcl
>>>>> I have two 3-phase machines in my shop (Bridgeport mill and Sheldon
>> lathe) and run them each off a properly-sized VFD. 2-phase in, 3-phase out,
>> plus variable speed and dynamic braking.
>>>>> Jon
>>>> And, of course, that is really SINGLE-PHASE power on 2 wires, just to save
>> anybody the trouble of correcting my error.
>>> I’m looking to have to do something to get 3-phase for the IBM 4331 gear.  I
>> haven’t quite added up the power requirements yet but I’m guessing its
>> going to be in the 10-15kVA range.  Since the power to all of the gear is really
>> split between 3 loads (string of 4 3340 drives, 3803 control unit + 2 3420 tape
>> drives and 2821 control uint + 1403 printer + 2540 card reader/punch) I need
>> to figure out if it’s best to have one big converter or 3 smaller ones.  It’s
>> unlikely that I’d be running all of the peripherals at once.  The 4331 itself runs
>> off of single phase 220v.
> Not sure how familiar with the 4331 you are, but from what I remember, the microcode checks devices at poweron and may get itself in a tizz
> If peripherals are not powered on…
I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.  ;-)  With the exception of the 3340’s (which are directly attached to the 4331), I’m wondering how the microcode would know since the other peripherals are connected through control units which are on the bus-and-tag bus.  I would expect that an OS that was gen’d for all of the peripherals might get weird (or not) if it didn’t find the peripherals but I’ll happily deal with that when I get that far.

I still have to physically get the system here.  I poked around it this past weekend (where is currently stored).  I did get all of the docs, tapes, 3340 packs, etc and that filled up my (large) pickup truck…it was a lot of stuff.

TTFN - Guy

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