Wang 2243 drive enclosure

Jason Howe jason at
Tue Nov 8 00:06:31 CST 2016

Are there any Wang people on this list?

I came across a Wang 2243, which is an enclosure w/ 3 8-inch floppy 
drives in it for $75 in the local surplus shop.

Is there a demand for something like this whole or is the value in the 

I've been wanting to mess around with some 8-inch drives, but it seems a 
crime to break this unit apart.

There's also a smaller Wang enclosure with dual 5-inch floppies in it, 
but I wasn't able to get a model number off it.   Also $75

There big to store, and cut into my retro computing budget a bit -- but 
I'm tempted to grab them.. Is there any potential interest here in these 
units before I go back for them?


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