Various Software and Documentation for shipping + donations (round 2, much delayed)

Tapley, Mark mtapley at
Mon Nov 7 14:22:57 CST 2016

	Sometimes my wheels turn slowly. Work, life, etc. intervened since last Sept. but I’m back to this task for a while.

	I'm trying to help Cindy find homes for some of what's left from her warehouse. I can hold them only temporarily ( :-) ), but if any of this interests you please contact me via Private (not list) email at mtapley at

	If you do want something, send me your shipping address and exactly what you want. I'll get back to you with estimated shipping costs (USPS media rate where possible) as soon as I can. You send me payment (any method is acceptable; USPS does not recommend cash in the mail) and I will ship when payment arrives. If you want Fed-Ex or something different from USPS media let me know at your first contact and I will price that for you. If you can afford to send slightly more than costs, I'll collect up the surplus for Cindy and get it to her.
	If more than one person wants the same thing, it goes to the person sending me the earliest time-tagged email. 
	If Al K. wants anything for Bitsavers, he gets priority (even if his is not the first email) up until it leaves my hands.

	There will be multiple sets of email from me, hopefully at a faster cadence, each with a short list of things, unless/until someone asks me to quit. (I think I tried to send this in July but never saw it come back nor got any answers; if it did go out and this is a re-send, please let me know and accept my apologies for the spam.)

	Thanks for your attention! More coming soon.
											- 						- Mark

	These are documentation or book only.

Orion Blue Book Computer Spring 1998
	book only; hardbound

Frontier Technologies Super-TCP for Windows
	book only; softbound, shrink-wrap intact.

Novell Netware 5.1 Administration Student manual
	book only; softbound, highlighter/pen/pencil markings inside.

Drum Jansen Using PFS: First Choice Tutorial and Applications
	book only; softbound

Epson Stylus COLOR 760/860 Printer Basics
	book only; softbound

Epson Setup Guide for Stylus COLOR 400
	book only; softbound

Toshiba CD-ROM Drive Safety Instruction manual (XM-5702B, xx/XM5701B xx/XM-3801B	
	single sheet of paper in english + single half-size sheet in Japanese

Jaton VIDEO-67P/VIDEO-67TV Quick start guide
	Single sheet multi-fold pamphlet

Output Technology Corporation OTC 2100 Series Printers Setup and Operation
	book only; spiral-bound


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