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Al Kossow aek at
Mon Nov 7 12:41:30 CST 2016

I wonder if LCM has ever measured the power draw of each of their big machines?

On 11/7/16 10:25 AM, Jon Elson wrote:

> We tried to get a 370/145 running at a guy's house.  That had the 17 KVA motor generator set in the back (WAY more than
> a 145 needed, but they apparently used one MG set for a range of machines).  But, he only had 60 A 240V single-phase
> service, and we couldn't even spin up the MG set with no load.  We built a static phase converter, but the imaginary
> current was over 60 A.  Well, NO SURPRISE, if we'd just read the nameplate we would have known it was a fool's errand.
> The 3-phase line current on the thing was about 55 A, per 3-PHASE LINE, so running it off SINGLE-PHASE, the line current
> would HAVE to be 1.7 X that much, wouldn't it?  OF course!

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