looking for S100 EPROM programmer board.

dwight dkelvey at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 6 22:41:47 CST 2016

Most of these boards only do one or two types of eproms.

I have a bit blaster that only does 2708/04 EPROMs.

A couple hours on an extender card should be enough to

figure one out, with a 'scope.

They are usually not to complicated.

Some latches for data and address. Some select bits and

something to turn the programming voltage on and off.

If it is intended for multiple EPROM types, there will be a

bunch of resistors to select assorted voltages.


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Subject: looking for S100 EPROM programmer board.

I ahve and can't find the manual for a:

Digital research computer S100 EPROM Programmer

Any info might help.  Specific info needed is schematic and headers for
various Eproms.


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