KIM-1 Debugging tool

dwight dkelvey at
Sun Nov 6 21:09:01 CST 2016

I've been making a debugging ROM board to test out the various

parts of the KIM-1. It is based on taking over the KIM at reset

and running test.

So far I've got two test working. One is a basic, is it running test

that just blinks a light on the debug board.

The next is a test of the first 1K of RAM.

A little tricky to do without RAM.

I expect to write some more for the RRIOT ics.

If anyone has interest, they can follow me on the Vintage

Computer Forum or contact me here.

The board has 3 ttl ICs, a 2764/27128 EPROM, a couple

LEDs and a dip switch. Also a few pullup resistors and capacitors.


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