DEC DELQA - seems not to work. Anyone got a spare? [SOLVED]

Joseph Zatarski jzatar2 at
Sun Nov 6 20:13:10 CST 2016

>On 2014-10-26 3:07 PM, Toby Thain wrote:
>>* On 21/10/14 7:38 AM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
*>>>*      > From: Toby Thain
*>>>>>>*      > Looking to see what the internal self-test returns as an error
*>>>* code
*>>>*      > (that can be done with console ODT, it doesn't need a program) is
*>>>*      > probably the first step in diagnosing.
*>>* OK, after powerup, the bits of the VAR register (e/w/p 2000192c) are
*>>* D800, i.e. the test result bits VAR12:10 are 1,1,0 - meaning RAM test
*>>* failed.
>Hi all,
>As an update to this project, I can report that the DELQA has been
>repaired with four new static RAM chips, and now the MicroVAX II's
>network is fully working (including netboot).
>Credit due to Joe Zatarski (joe_z) who did a beautiful job of
>desoldering and putting sockets in for the four RAM chips.

Glad to have helped :)

Joe Zatarski

>>>>* I must be doing something wrong running the test manually, though -
*>>>>>>>* d/w/p 2000192c 2000
*>>>>* Just leaves 2000 in the VAR register, permanently.
*>>>>* --Toby
*>>>>>>>>>>*     Noel

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