Epson MX-80 Technical Manual?

Sat Nov 5 23:12:01 CDT 2016

Kevin - - remember  HP  did this...
using the MX-80 also...
(data from
    Name: 82905  Product Number: 82905  Introduced: 1981  Division: 
_Corvallis_ (   Ad: _Click to see with 
(   Original Price: $945  Catalog Reference: 1982, page 655  Donated 
by: Russell Warmington, HP Australia. 

The  82905A was a low-end, narrow-carriadge dot matrix printer made by 
Epson. HP  obtained this printer primarily for use with the _80  Series_ 
(  computers. The 82905A  had a print 
speed of 80 characters per second. The dot character cell was 9 x 9  and 
graphics printing resolution was possible up to 72 x 120 dots per inch. The  
82905B, introduced in 1982 (at $795) offered an optional HP-IL interface. 
The  82905A was OEM'ed from Epson by the Corvallis Division. The product 
was  transferred to the Vancouver Division in 1982.
and then with the FX 80!
Impact  Selection:
Name: 82906  Product Number: 82906  Introduced: 1983  Division: _Personal  
Computer Division_ (   Original 
Price: $995  Catalog Reference: 1984, page 594 

The  82906A, like the _82905A_ 
(  was also OEM'd from Epson (model FX-80)  by HP. It was faster (160 
characters per second), with a higher resolution dot  cell matrix (9 x 11). 
Maximum resolution in graphics printing was 72 dots per  inch.
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I tried  this link this morning (from Utah US) and got the manual.
So the link must  have gotten fixed.

I've placed here just in  case:

Keven  Miller

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> Does  anyone have a scan of the MX-80 Dot Matrix Printer Technical  
> It's apparently intended to be available  here:
>  but I was unable to actually download  it.

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