Supercomputers, fishing for information

Al Kossow aek at
Sat Nov 5 16:08:23 CDT 2016

check out

he may be willing to try recovering what still exists on the tape

like I say, what is there is pretty important to recover.

On 11/5/16 1:57 PM, Plamen Mihaylov wrote:
> All other tapes are far beyond repair, they are physically damaged
> I double checked what I have been able to dump successfully:
> iPSC/860 Extensions Software R3.3
> iPSC/860 Extensions Software R3.3.1
> iPSC/860 Optional Software R3.3.1
> There were two more tapes - fortran compilers and forge software - also
> damaged.
> In case you are interested I've uploaded the dumps

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