Epson MX-80 Technical Manual?

Scott Kevill scott at
Sat Nov 5 02:24:03 CDT 2016

On 05/11/2016, at 4:29 AM, Eric Smith <spacewar at> wrote:

> Does anyone have a scan of the MX-80 Dot Matrix Printer Technical Manual?
> It's apparently intended to be available here:
> but I was unable to actually download it.

If you do get the site working, or contact the site owners, this one might also be worth getting (£7.5 rather than £0, but also fails to check out):

Covers FX-85/185, FX-80/100, RX-80/100, MX-80/100.
(Principles of Operation, Wiring data, Repair Analysis Procedures, Parts Lists, Repairs and Adjustments, Final Actions, General)

This book on pages 11-12 has a brief overview of the differences between the MX-80 versions (suggesting mostly firmware differences, and with the Type III including the previously optional Graftrax 80 support):

This VCFED thread also discusses the ROMs (and the 5152 printer):

The Graftrax 80 installation manual also has a component layout diagram on page 4:

Here is the Epson MX-80 III FT - Sams ComputerFacts:

Here is the IBM 5152-002 - Sams ComputerFacts:

If you do manage to get hold of either of those Epson PDFs on, I'd be very keen as well.


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