QIC-150 1/4" Cartridge Drive with Emulex MT-02 SCSI-QIC Controller?

Rick Bensene rickb at bensene.com
Thu Nov 3 10:51:53 CDT 2016

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Question of the day:

Will an Emulex MT-02 SCSI->QIC tape controller work with a Wangtek 5150EQ (QIC-150) Tape Drive?

I am trying to resurrect an old Tektronix 4132 Unix workstation.  The 1/4" Wangtek 5099EQ drive that was in the machine was toast, something on the drive's electronics went POP when it powered on the first time, and it is no longer being recognized by the MT-02 controller.  I have documentation on the drive, and will probably look into seeing if I can fix whatever fried, but in the short-term,   I have a Wangtek 5150EQ with a good drive wheel, and was wondering if this drive would function with the MT-02 and be useful on the machine.   I have a bunch of old (1980's) QIC-24 tapes written with the old 5099EQ drive that I want to look through and archive in a different form.

And yes...I know about the tension band issues with old 1/4" QIC media...I've got a bunch of new tension bands and have become quite adept at replacing them and assuring the proper tension on the tape.

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Rick Bensene
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