Looking for info on a CAMAC module - Kinetic 3912 Unibus Crate Controller

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Wed Nov 2 11:52:30 CDT 2016

I'd like to add them to bitsavers if you can scan them.

I just threw out most of the CAMAC stuff that I had. Weird Stuff should have two crates that I dumped off yesterday.

I was going to use it for reading tapes, but it doesn't make sense given the higher performace inexpensive A/Ds you
can get today.

I did try to find docs when I was looking for this stuff 10 years ago, so there is some stuff under pdf/kinetics and others.

On 11/2/16 8:24 AM, Jon Elson wrote:

> I have a 3922 crate controller and a 3953 auxiliary crate controller at work.  I also have manuals for the 3911 PDP-11
> crate controller and 2912 LSI-11 bus adapter and the 3953.  These have schematics in them.

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