Imaging Old Disks Advice Needed

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Tue Nov 1 23:50:37 CDT 2016

On 11/01/2016 03:39 AM, Peter Cetinski wrote:
>> Out of curiosity, since I've never done this either but have heard
>> most folks suggest it. How do you seal the newly made jacket? Is it
>> not necessary or folks using scotch tape?
> Well, I made a number of these this weekend and I just left the end
> open.  The hub keeps the cookie in place.  Thanks to everyone for the
> input.
> So, I was able to image half of the disks without issue.  The others
> all had a few bad tracks.  On most of those I don't see any physical
> damage so I was wondering if there were any other techniques to
> possibly recover those tracks?  Baking the cookie?  Is there a good
> tool to merge tracks from multiple disks if I find another copy of
> the software that has the missing tracks?

If the errors accumulate on the middle-to-inner tracks, consider the
possibility that the original drive's alignment may not match that of
the drive you're using to read them.

On several occasions, I've had to "un/disk-align" a drive to get decent
results on certain disks.


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