Unknown DEC indicator panel

Jon Elson elson at pico-systems.com
Tue Nov 1 20:58:34 CDT 2016

>> So, the CHM has an RSTS-11 brochure:
>>    http://archive.computerhistory.org/resources/text/DEC/pdp-11/Digital.PDP-11.1970.102646128.pdf
>> which shows in a couple of places (front cover, page 6, 7, 10, 11) an
>> indicator panel which I haven't been able to identify:
These look VERY posed, so don't be sure ANYTHING in the 
picture was a fully working system.  If those panels look 
like something off a KA10 controller, then they very well 
could be.

Remember IBM and a few other vendors have had publications 
that had plywood mockups of systems that bore LITTLE 
resemblance to the production versions.  Also, some IBM 
publications (where I'm more familiar with their models) had 
some photos of machines that probably were in-house 
prototypes that were quite different than the production 

1970 was in the VERY early days of the PDP-11, and they may 
have hacked up device controls from other models with 
different word lengths, so as to have working gear for 
software development.


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