Imaging Old Disks Advice Needed

Peter Cetinski pete at
Tue Nov 1 05:39:04 CDT 2016

> Out of curiosity, since I've never done this either but have heard most folks suggest it. How do you seal the newly made jacket? Is it not necessary or folks using scotch tape? 

Well, I made a number of these this weekend and I just left the end open.  The hub keeps the cookie in place.  Thanks to everyone for the input.

So, I was able to image half of the disks without issue.  The others all had a few bad tracks.  On most of those I don't see any physical damage so I was wondering if there were any other techniques to possibly recover those tracks?  Baking the cookie?  Is there a good tool to merge tracks from multiple disks if I find another copy of the software that has the missing tracks?

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