Sun keyboards, yellowed

Cindy Croxton sales at
Thu Mar 31 19:19:15 CDT 2016

No cables on the Type 4. Apparently they were removable, and the scrappers took them off.
I need your address for shipping, please. And your email, since it was not included for some reason.

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Oh perfect timing! What's the interface on the Type 4 cable? 15-pin D or DIN? I'll probably have one in any case; there are adapters :-)


On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 12:54 PM, Cindy Croxton <sales at> wrote:
> I collected some Sun keyboards for a customer, but some are too 
> yellowed for him to use. They are all complete, including the cable, 
> if it is supposed to be attached.
> I am asking $10 each plus shipping. They are not tested or cleaned. I 
> don't have any Sun terminals left to test them on.
> Type 4, qty 2 (deeply yellowed)
> Type 6 USB, Unix, qty 10 (moderate yellowing) 320-1273
> Type 6 USB Unix, qty 12 (no or very slight yellowing) 320-1273 asking 
> $20 each plus shipping
> Cindy Croxton
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