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Wed Mar 30 11:47:27 CDT 2016

I confess it is in no way a classic machine, but I thought that this
might be of interest to some people here. I had not heard of it before
until a chance retweet from a ZX Spectrum-related account today:


RC2014 is a simple 8 bit Z80 based modular computer.  It is inspired
by the home built computers of the late 70s and computer revolution of
the early 80s.  It is not a clone of anything specific, but there are
ideas of the ZX81, UK101, S100 and Apple I in here.  Built mainly with
parts donated to Nottingham Hackspace and components salvaged from
random bits of equipment, it uses modern PCBs.

It runs on a backplane that hosts the individual modules.  This has
standard 0.1″ header sockets meaning new modules are simple and cheap
to design and can use Veroboard or even jumper wires to breadboard.
For resilience, most of the modules have been designed on to dedicated

In it’s typical basic form it has;

32k RAM,
8k ROM (running Microsoft BASIC),
3.7628Mhz Z80 processor
serial communication at 115200 baud.

Other modules include 8k x 8 bank switchable EPROM, SD card
bootloader, ZX Printer interface, Blinkenlights, LED dot matrix
display driver, LCD display driver

(Errors in the source material.)

More info and purchasing sources:

And a (for my money, insane, but) interesting peripheral:


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