Here's what happens when an 18 year old buys a mainframe...

ethan at ethan at
Wed Mar 30 10:16:00 CDT 2016

> I started getting serious about collecting vintage computers when I was
> about 20, so not much older. That was in 1993, and I was scrounging
> PDP-11/23s and VT100s and VT220s, so most of what I was finding was
> 10-15 years old at that point. The more things change, the more they
> stay the same!
> -Seth

IIRC My first large home computer (220v) was a SGI 4d/480VGX.

It had the LED CPU usage meters on the front.

Eventually I ended up with two Challenge XLs and four L's to replace it, 
and two Onyx's and a Origin 2000 full rack. SGI hardware was so cool.

Ethan O'Toole

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