MEM11A update

Guy Sotomayor ggs at
Tue Mar 29 19:18:14 CDT 2016

I just finished laying out the board for the MEM11A.  The last roadblock was figuring out
where the last 3 unrouted wires were.  EagleCAD didn’t make it easy to find them and I
haven’t quite figured out how to use the autorouter on Eagle 7.5, so I did this all by “hand”
(at just under 2000 wires it took a while).

I haven’t re-set the grid from all of the other boards (all thru hole parts) that I’ve done,
so this board is probably not optimal (plus I was getting the hang of doing a 4 layer board).
I ran into a lot of wiring congestion that caused me to reroute the entire board as I moved
parts around.  Even with a finer grid pitch it’s unlikely that the UMF11 will fit on a single
SPC board.

I’m going to check the board over for the next week or so before I send it out and about
4 weeks after that I’ll have the first boards that I can populate and try out!

TTFN - Guy

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