Old PC Boards and some Books to go

Pontus Pihlgren pontus at Update.UU.SE
Tue Mar 29 15:40:11 CDT 2016


Some gems in there. Will you ship?

How much do you want for the DECsystem-10 books?


On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 12:08:28PM -0400, Dave Mitton wrote:
> Guys,
>     still trying to clean out my basement... recently I've gathered a bunch
> of PC cards from over the years.
> and some of my old text and data books.  Still working on listing some more
> and some various kits of PC software.
> I'm not assuming this is worth much, just rather pass it on, than dispose.
> I've put a list (so far) of the stuff on this web page.  I have photos of
> the PC cards if interested.
> http://dave.mitton.com/computer_clearance.html
> Dave Mitton,
> North Andover, MA
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