Seiko Wrist Terminal RC-1000 software ??

Dave Mitton dave at
Tue Mar 29 11:30:35 CDT 2016

   Another old thing I've been interested in selling, is my SEIKO 
RC-1000 Wrist Terminal.
This watch has a two line 12 character display, where you could also 
load text and alarm/reminder data.
I used it for phone lists and meeting reminders.  It comes with a 
DB25 cable that connects to the watch to download data.

Example on eBay:

I'd been trying to figure out where I misplaced the 5.25" floppy with 
the software, until this last weekend, I found it in a stack of old 
Infocom game floppies.

Unfortunately, when I stick it in my one remaining working 5.25" 
floppy drive, it made a little noise and decided it couldn't detect 
formatting.  Looking at the diskette, there seems to be some marks on 
the oxide.  Possibly a head load problem.
It's also possible that it's just an old format this system doesn't recognize.

Anyone in the area (north of Boston) have a working old PC?

This is labeled as an IBM/MS-DOS version.  I used it once many years ago.
Does anyone have this software archived or available?
SEIKO PCDatagraph Data Manager  circa 1984


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