AT&T Uverse IPv6 vs. Mac OS X 10.6

Jerry Kemp other at
Sat Mar 26 17:19:27 CDT 2016

Just curious if something specifically is broken or non-fixable with the 10.6.8 
IPv6 stack?

I'm specifically wondering if you did any troubleshooting to resolve this?  Or 
if just disabling IPv6 was the quick'n'dirty answer?

I'm excited for IPv6, but many of my Apple devices I have held back at 10.6 as 
the number of features that Apple took away seem to increase exponentially after 


On 03/26/16 11:31 AM, Tapley, Mark wrote:
> (Apologies in advance to non-Apple users)
> Mac folks,
> 	Last week AT&T “upgraded” our Uverse service. All of our Macs running anything 10.6.8 or older quit working.
> 	Cure was to turn off IPv6: System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> TCP/IP -> iPv6 to “Off” instead of “Automatic”.
> 	Symptoms were *very* widespread, and matched reasonably well to failing hard drive or failing memory - system freeze, spinning beach-ball forever, can’t read directory, etc. etc. etc.  On the G3, I rebooted in single-user mode and actually got part way through the output of “ps -aux” in one case before freezing. However it did respond to Ctl-C and would then do a “ps -a” no problem, just no “ps -aux”.  We were a bit silly, didn’t read our Uverse email, and didn’t test other systems before hooking more old systems into the network - which then didn’t work. We were panicing about viruses, pulling hair out, sacrificing goats ...
> 	Systems affected were :
> iMac G3 Mac OS X 10.4.11  - ethernet
> PowerBook G4 Mac OS X 10.4.11 - wi-fi
> iMac 2011 intel Mac OS X 10.6.8 - wi-fi
> 	Apologies if this is a known bug, but it really puzzled us for a while because the effects were so systemic; I hope I can prevent anybody else from getting a nice new (needless) hard drive like the 2011 iMac did…
> 					- Mark
> 					210-522-6025 office         210-379-4635    cell

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