PDP11 M9301-Yx ROM dumps

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sat Mar 26 11:57:36 CDT 2016

OK, so we already had a dump of the M9301-YA ROMs, but were (apparently)
missing the others?

So I fnally got one of my UNIBUS 11's running, and whipped up a small program
to dump the ROM contents, and now have the -YB, -YF and -YH ROMs dumped. I'm
in the process of disassembling them now.

(If anyone needs the contents in binary format, to blow new ROMs, let me know,
and I can probably produce them if you give me the details on the format you
need the data in.)

Does anyone have any of the others - YC, YD, YE and YJ?

If you're not up to dumping them, I can send you my small program (currently
in .LDA format, but I can convert it to a script - it is not very long at all
- for the console emulator in the M9301 series), which will do it - it
produces packed octal output, 8 words/line, so a very small output.


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