FS: DEC Rainbows, PRO 350s, VR201s, LK201s, etc.

Richard Lorenzen rjlorenzen at q.com
Thu Mar 24 16:40:52 CDT 2016

I have decided to sell off my collection of the above on eBay.  I need the money and space and don't want to move them.  Just search for my user name, fortran00 (that's double-zero).  I am starting with components and will move on to parts, complete systems, docs, software, etc. as I complete an inventory and testing.  There are multiples of everything.  Deals outside of eBay will be considered, but not for items actually up for auction, as this violates eBay rules.  I have a larger discussion of what is available under the listing for Rainbow system units.  Everything is tested before sale, but of course I can't guarantee future performance.

Richard Lorenzen, fortran00, NA0L

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