PDP-8 panels

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Wed Mar 23 21:21:37 CDT 2016

Hello Guys.
                     To say I'm pleased with the comments on the batch 
just shipped would be an understatement.
However you cant just rest on your laurels.

_Batch now in production_

The next batch is already underway and the quantity increased to thirty,
It will consist of 8/e (A and B), 8/f and 8/m .All the artwork is done 
and ready

I'm trying to get to a ship from stock situation but I keep getting 
pre-orders (not that I mind!!)

_The PDP-8  Product Line So Far_

PDP-8/e (A)  before the switch change
PDP-8/e (B)   after the switch change


We also offer to change the address from the standard maynard to galway.
If you find any other address variations I'd be interested.to consider 
them as well.

_PDP-8 New Products under consideration _

1. Front panels for any of the other PDP-8 models, Including the 
Straight 8 but excluding PDP-8A.

2. Bezels either cast metal as existing or a tough plastic.
  The metal ones are big and heavy and awkward to ship.

3. Programmers Console PCB (key and lamp unit) / emulator

4. Integrated version of  1 + 2 above

5. Integrated version of  1 + 2 + 3 above

__PDP-11 Product Line_

1. Artwork underway for 11/XX panels (11/70 style)

2. No launch date yet but not a long way off.

_DEC unlisted above or non CPU panels._

I'll look at  anything DEC made that uses a flat substrate (Plastic, 
Metal or Glass) and has screen printing

_Non DEC panels
I'd be intersted in panels from other makers using similar substrates 
and screen printing.

I think thats the lot


Rod (Panelman) Smallwood


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